Strategic Design

Our approach is to first gather a thorough understanding of your business strategy before crafting a CEX strategy that clearly identifies where you need to play to win.


Where we can assist :

  • Define a Customer Experience strategy

  • Establish Customer Experience capability Roadmap

  • Perform an audit of culture and enablement

  • Customer Experience program design

  • Comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) Assessment

Customer & Employee Understanding

We will help you build the capabilities and implement processes that help you to be truly attentive to your customers and internal customer (employees). 


Where we can assist :

  • Voice of the Customer Maturity Assessment

  • Design and build a cohesive Voice of the Customer Listening System

  • Design and build a Voice of Employee program

  • Measure Customer Experience and Employee Experience

  • Understand the drivers of customer sentiment

  • Establish CX Ownership & Governance Structures



We offer several ways to quickly build design thinking capabilities and learn how to innovate at scale.



Where we can assist :

  • Design Thinking Primer Workshop

  • Design Innovation Tools & Principles

  • Design & Lean Innovation Full Deployment

  • Lean Innovation Lab Establishment

  • End-to-End Experience Design 

  • Design robust outer loop process mgmt capabilities to support continuous improvement

  • Process re-design using innovative customer-centred design tools and techniques  

Cultural Alignment

Customer experience is about strategic alignment between the customer’s expectations, brand promise and the organisation culture behind the brand. 


We guide you through:

  • Developing a shared  understanding, from the frontline all the way to the top that providing an excellent customer experience ultimately benefits the organisation

  • Rallying leader support to commit resources necessary to delivering and excellent customer experience

Organisational Engagement

We help you mobilise your teams to drive customer centric mindset and improvements in your organisation.

Where we can assist:

  • Establish best in class change management practices to deliver change smoothly in your organisation.

  • Setup a framework to help you track improvement initiatives and their impact on customers and employees

  • Design the most effective internal and external engagement strategy.


We help you translate customer insights into targeted, high-impact action.


Where we can assist:

  • Design and implement Closed Loop feedback / Service Recovery processes  

  • Identify and co-design business improvements

  • Process re-design using innovative customer-centred design tools and techniques